Night at a Rodeo

I'm not too sure if you've ever had the perfect dream but I think I experienced it last night.

Location: Caceres (my hometown in Brazil)
Characters: Leandro, Genaro, myself (as bodyguards), an actress from Caceres and Brad Pitt.
Plot: My friends and I are secret agents trying to steal $1 trillion from the US government.
Scene I

Dressed in black suits and working as bodyguards for the US President (Brad Pitt), we enter a room where $1 trillion is kept. Everything was planned with millimetric precision but something went wrong and we will have to take out the weapons hidden in our suitcases and kill everyone--but It's interesting to see how the workings of my subconscious mind manage to amuse me--just as we were trapped and about to die, turns out that the President was an accomplice in our plot and, as any good US President would do, he saved us. As I saw things unfold, I thought to my self: wow, what a great dream.

{Let's open brackets here for a minute so you can understand the relevance of the second scene in my dream.

When I was still in Caceres I saw a commercial for an English school and I thought the actress on that commercial was astonishingly beautiful; I used to love her sweet voice speaking out of the TV box asking me to join her at her school. Well, I would never just leave it at that, so I did what anyone in my situation would have done: find out who she was and what do I need to do to meet her.
After a few phone calls and some bribing fishing trips a friend of a friend plotted a way for me to meet her. The time: a week later. The place: A rodeo in the outskirts of Caceres. So, there I was, anxiously waiting for the rodeo, dreaming about the things I will do for and to my TV star...

Coincidentally, the day I was meeting her a couple of old friends (Diego and Pedro) were visiting me from Bolivia. As a courteous host I wouldn't leave my guests hanging, so I asked them along to the party I had planned for me and my actress.

I was over the moon being able to meet my crush. Watching cowboys fall out of horses, and clowns been chased by bulls was all the more entretaining; and I think those cachaça cocktails made out of strawberry and condensed milk will never taste as sweet as they did that night.
I thought no one could take away my happiness. But as my thoughts were afloat in dream land I was pulled back by the most unexpected thing. My crush, on that same voice that she spoke on the tele, whispers to my ear (I could still remember vividly her cool breath and the ticklish sensation it had on the back of my ear and how all the hair around my body stood firmly, paying close attention to every sound her voice emitted) "Julio, I'm very shy to tell you this, but please excuse my boldness, I've got feelings for your friend Diego, do you think you could arrange a private session just between the two of us?". I could only imagined how my pupils would have expanded and how my body would have frozen from such a shock; but as any gentleman would do, I hid it the best I could and answered with a sincere sounding tone "of course". So, I told Diego how Luana wanted to have a chat with him in private, made a good excuse to those around me on the table and left with an exited Pedro who wouldn't stop reminding me of how lucky Diego was to be leaving with my actress.

What happened next is not up to me to tell you, it is Diego's story.

Close brackets; back to last night's dream}

As I told you earlier, I was watching from a distance at how things unfolded in my dream but I never completely became the character on it. My subconscious mind, however, knows well how to write scripts that make me tick; the most impressive twist and the scene that will make me embrace in full the character in my dream was yet to come.
Scene II

I've just become a trillionaire, the adrenalin from the shootings and fights I had to do in order to become one are still alive within my veins and at this precise moment I find myself in a beautiful hotel room with Luana, looking as stunning as she did seven years ago, wearing nothing but sweet looking, silk nightgown, and as I am about to have the best sex a dream can give you Mika and her telepathic jealousy calls me from the conscious world... "Julio, Julio, JULIO, it's 4am and your cellphone is making an annoying noise, turn it off".



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