Brazilian Newsletter

I'm following the footsteps of Juliana Areias and Taciano Milfont and trying to continue the wonderful work that they've done with the Brazilian monthly newsletter. It will also be a good opportunity to bring back Radio Zumbi podcasts.

I will send the newsletter and podcast every first Monday of every month. So, if you are interested in Brazilian cultural events in New Zealand please send me an email radio.zumbi@gmail.com and I will add you to the mailing list. Also if you'd like to notify the Brazilian community of anything please email me. But remember that the purpose of the newsletter is to promote cultural events therefore we will try to keep businesses to a minimum.

Also if you would like to watch a Brazilian movie for free every month please send me an email telling me that you are interested and if a movie was to be shown you'd attend. I will be lobbying the Brazilian Embassy to give us some of the movies they show in Wellington and I'd also try to get a venue probably at The University of Auckland.

But for all that I need your support.

My first newsletter and podcast are coming on the 2nd of February.

Beixos, Kisses and abrazos
Julio Marx Panoff

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