Bobby Brazuka

Last week's radio show was very good, I was really glad to talk to Bobby Brazuka and play some of his work on the radio.
For Whom ever wants to listen to him, he is every Sunday on George FM 96.8fm every Sunday from 8-10.

He is an incredibly knowledgeable guy about Brazilian and Latin American Music. He takes his work very seriously and he is willing to teach the New Zealand community about Latin American Music, a job he is doing very well. Since he does it in a very artistic way working as a dj.

He is always organizing a cultural event not only in Auckland but around New Zealand, and always motivating people to socially integrate with each other, Good on ya Bobby!
Keep on the Hard work.

Bob Brazuka, DJ every Thursday at Khuja Lounge. Posted by Picasa

Radio Zumbi, a radio do povo brasileiro na Nova Zelandia.

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