Brazilian Culture in New Zealand

It was about time for me to update the Blog, I will try my best to do it every Saturday.
This Saturday will be the 21st time Radio Zumbi went on air. During these five months I have learnt so much working at planet FM (104.6).

The first thing that impressed me the most is see how many people is involved in Latin American culture, specially Brazilian culture, from academics at universities around the country like Taciano Milfont from AkSamba; other radio broadcasters, like Ismar from Voices of Brazil, broadcasting from Hamilton; and people like Fernando Leite Junior from the capoeira group Zumbae Brazil.

But the most beautiful thing from my point of view is seeing so many nationalities interested in Brazilian Culture, and people actively participating and organising different kinds of events. Many of these Brazilians are extremely popular. For instance; Bel Bossa, which is a very popular band here in Auckland; or people like Bob Brazuka, very famous among the whole Brazilian community, he who is constantly organizing events and playing in many bars and parties around the country.

Apart from meeting wonderful people and having a lot of fun I also learnt from working here at Planet FM the difficulties of running a radio show.

Before I started the show, I thought it will be easy to organise a couple of guests every saturday. I was completely wrong, it is quite difficult to orchastrate a couple of guests per month which is the goal at the moment.

I also wanted to have a different musician playing every Saturday, also impossible. I have realised that all I can do is either have a musician or a guest or two, since having many people in the show always brings technical difficulties. Like the second show when I had two performers (Tomas and Tom) and a guest (Danilo) and a bunch of people outside watching, I think that night we had at least 10min of air silence ( Iwould say that is a record in radio, total disaster disaster).

I also found out that marketing is my weakest point, having to organise meetings, prepare outlines, email and respond to potential sponsors among other things involved in the process of collecting money. All these is extremely time consuming.

What I learnt as well, which I think is very important, is how difficult it is to escape comercialism. There is a constant force that leads you to work in a way that has to satisfy your potential sponsor more than your audience. But it is necessary to have them and without them we wouldn't be here.

Another weakness I have is promoting the show, all I have to do is participate of more parties, talk to more people who are constantly involved in public events, make many many fliers and distribute them around Auckland.

I have a load of ideas that will boost the radio show, all I need to do is put them in practice. Like I always say, the practical ideas are only practical when you put them in practice.

Some ideas would be like recording messages from potential listeners in parties, so people can hear it later on, or sending emails and txt messages to every Brazilian I can get hold off.

Another thing I tried is finding people interested in working in the radio and sacrificing at least one hour of their Saturday night. Also very difficult.

But all we need is patience, I still blindly believe in the success of the radio, and hopefully by the end of the year it will be the most heard radio program among the Latin American community living here in Auckland.

Julio Panoff

Radio Zumbi, a radio do povo brasileiro na Nova Zelandia.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julio
Thanks for the update about your endeavours in the radio show. It seems it can be difficult starting out. But no fear you have the determination and enthusiasm to make Radio Zumbi a success. I'm sure Bob Brazuka started out small like you! All good endeavours take time and nurture. I would very much like to send some music to you to play on your show. It's not my own. But somthing I think you and your listeners might enjoy. Goodluck to you Julio, you will succeed in your goal, and if you don't try, try try again.

Radio Zumbi said...

It would be great if you send us some music, it is always welcome.
My email (julio.panoff@aut.ac.nz) should be able to receive relatively big files, if you can send it there I will certanly play it, if you prefer to send in a different way you can contact me on 0273238451.
Thank you very much for your support all the best, Julio.