For all Radio Zumbi listeners who are wondering about the meaning and why I chose Zumbi as the name of the show is because the connotations that come with the name Zumbi.

The name refers to Zumbi dos Palmares, an African Brazilian slave from the 1600's, who was one of the first leaders to fight the long and arduous battle against slavery, "For as long as there is an imprisoned negro no one is free" (www.vidaslusofonas.pt/zumbi_dos_palmares.htm).

Zumbi (1655-1695) was born in Quilombos dos Palmares, city founded by runaway slaves in which Negroes could live free, away from the sugar cane landlords. Zumbi was fearless freedom fighter who spend most of his life trying to free every slave, and protect Palmares.

The reason I chose Zumbi was to create a parallel with today's world, from my point of view people nowadays suffer from a different kind of oppression. Take for instance all these people from developing countries who find themselves in this labyrinth in which their last resort is to flee to the developed world, not because they want to explore, or gain a new experience but because they have to survive. But soon after they arrive to this new society they need to go through so many different barriers, and a different sort of oppression arises from this barriers. Intolerant people who feels threatened by these new immigrants; frustrated locals, because of the difficulty in communication. At the same time we see worn out immigrants who feel when they arrive to a developed country that they are their families' last hope, so they take any job they can regardless of the salary and work, work very hard trying to give his family back home a more promissing future.

The reason radio zumbi was founded was to create a portal open to everybody in which we can help locals and foreigners to find bonds from where they can start learning from eachother.

Radio Zumbi, a radio do povo brasileiro na Nova Zelandia.


Anonymous said...

Julio, muy bien dicho, mis felicitaciones, sos una gran persona y sabés comunicar tus ideas con claridad, seguí así que desde Bolivia tus amigos te apoyamos, ahora y siempre. Seguí con los buenos proyectos !!
Tu hermano,

Anonymous said...

I am very much enjoying Radio Zumbi's broadcasts. If you are listening too, I encourage you to post here. And express your views about the show. Tell the DJ what you think, what you might like to hear on the radio. He may even do a shout out to your friends!:-)Keep listening....

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